Community Organizing

TELEM Teen Organizing:

Want to brush up on your teen organizing facts? Read our "cheat sheet" on the five easy steps to a successful organizing campaign!

In select synagogues (which have adult community organizing programs), JCRC professional organizers assemble teams of teen leaders to participate in intensive mentoring and training in leadership development. The organizer supports the teens in crafting and sharing personal stories as a vehicle to identify common values and interests.  Drawing on their newly developed leadership skills, the teens plan and implement an action campaign, working with community allies and leveraging resources to develop winnable action strategies that have a real impact. 

Successful adult organizing campaigns have enacted living wage laws, increased funding for affordable housing education, and expanded access to healthcare.

Community Organizing advances TELEM’s mission of developing a generation of teens committed to acting as Jews to improve their communities. The teens become committed, confident responsible adults ready to become community leaders.



WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS of involving teens in community organizing? 

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