Hunger and Homelessness Curriculum

This interdisciplinary curriculum, written by Jewish Funds for Justice and adapted by the JCRC, teaches students about the root causes and consequences of poverty, the Jewish history and mandate to fight poverty and presents opportunities for students to reflect upon their learning and experiences.  Students participate in a variety of activities, text studies, case studies and reflection exercises which are geared to help students develop a deeper understanding of the issues related to poverty and to teach them the skills necessary to help combat these issues.

Lessons include:

  • Introduction to Poverty and Poverty in America
  • Making Choices: The Limitations of Poverty
  • Maimonides' Ladder
  • Short Term vs. Long Term Solutions to Poverty: Modern Tzedakah Dilemmas
  • What is the Government's Role in Fighting Poverty?
  • Daughters of Zelophehad: Effective Advocacy and Organizing