TELEM Tracks

Learning while doing...

Along with doing community service, you'll learn about Jewish values and important social justice issues connected to your volunteer work. And you'll have time to reflect—and grow as a person.

With your friends and classmates from your synagogue or school, you'll explore TELEM's Introductory Curriculum, "Walking the Jewish Path of Social Justice." In this curriculum, four themes of social justice and action are woven together to tell a story. The main actors in this story are us—the inhabitants of this world, and particularly the Jewish people.

Creating community...

You'll connect throughout the year with other Jewish teens  to show the power of teens who care. Meet other teens who are committed to making the world a better place!

Click for more information on the specific curriculum and program:

"Walking the Jewish Path of Social Justice," Introductory Curriculum
Connecting Generations (fomerly Eldercare)
Special Needs
Hunger and Homelessness

*TELEM fulfills community service credit for high school.