The Clean-Up Continues

Published on October 15, 2012 by Shoshana Czik


In June of 2011, the city of Springfield was hit by devastating tornados that left four people dead and entire neighborhoods in ruins. Soon after, the area was hit again by a hurricane, leaving many more homes and neighborhoods   severely damaged. One year later, while many of the homes and neighborhoods are well on their way back to normalcy, not everyone is able to say they have their homes back the way they were. Those with home insurance were able to use those funds to fix up their homes and begin to get their lives together. However, those without insurance were not as fortunate. Many had no resources with which they could begin to rebuild their homes and lives. In response to the need to assist the uninsured, a local church, Christ Presbyterian Church, working with a larger group, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, created a program to help those without insurance to rebuild their homes and lives.

For the second summer in a row, campers from Eisner Camp took time out of their camp routine to take part in tikkun olam activities in area communities. This summer, 57 rising high school seniors from their Machon group spent two days with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance helping families in the Springfield area clear their backyards of remaining tornado debris. These families were some of the many who did not have homeowners insurance.With the assistance of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and volunteers such as the Eisner campers, these families are able to repair and return to their homes. At the end of each work day, the Eisner campers were able to take a step back and see what they had accomplished: clear yards that were once filled with debris and each family that much closer to being able to return to their home.