a look back on two years of service...

Published on June 15, 2011 by Trevor


Trevor Haas

May 2011

Senior at Arlington High School,
in TELEM’s Special Needs track at
Temple Isaiah in Lexington and Minuteman ARC in Concord 

Some programs start to become humdrum and monotonous when you're midway through your second year.  Programs tend to get boring as you go through the same routine every week and don't get anything about of each session. 

For TELEM, I can wholeheartedly say that the exact opposite was true.  Every week was extraordinarily special, as I enhanced my relationship with the clients as individuals and as a whole as the year went on. I found myself becoming more and more comfortable as the year progressed.  Rather than being bored by TELEM, I was extremely glad that I opted to continue for a second year. 

Seeing jubilation on the faces of the residents makes us know that what we're doing is worthwhile.  Winning the community partnership award validates my preconceived notion that what we're doing is monumental and has a great impact on the Minuteman Arc community.  Every week has been a joy for me during the past two years, and I sincerely hope and believe that the residents could say the exact same thing. 

TELEM has provided me with a phenomenal experience, and I am thankful that I have taken advantage of what has been given to me and gotten so much out of the program.

TELEM students from Temple Isaiah in Lexington have formed such strong relationships with the individuals at the Minuteman ARC and made such an impact on the community, the students were honored this year at the ARC’s Annual Meeting!

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