Check out all of our photos from this year and TELEM years past!  We have Scrapbooks for each of our tracks, as well as from our past trips to Louisiana and Honduras, as well as other special events.  Check back often for updates!

You can also use these Scrapbooks to share your experiences, both with your fellow volunteers across the greater Boston area, and with your peers who are curious, but haven't signed up yet.  With your enthusiasm and interest, TELEM continues to grow, involve more people, and be able to make a greater difference in many lives.

So take photos—at the sites where you're involved, of your fellow volunteers—and e-mail them to us. Try and also write a sentence or two about what you're doing, how you're making a difference, and what you're learning. It will help to continually improve the program and your peers and friends want to know!

Service Scrapbooks:

Connecting Generations
Hunger and Homelessness