For Parents

Welcome to TELEM!
On behalf of TELEM, a program of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), with support from Combined Jewish Philanthropies, and all of our partners, thank you for your important participation as a TELEM parent in this new community-wide program!

What is TELEM?
TELEM is a major initiative to promote social justice among Jewish youth in Boston. Our goal is to make participation in meaningful community service and Jewish learning a transformative rite of passage for Jewish youth in Boston. Ultimately, we hope that this experience fosters a lifelong understanding of the importance of volunteerism and activism that is integrally connected with each participant's Jewish identity.

TELEM integrates community service with learning, reflection, and opportunities to effect real change. Along with doing community service, participants learn about Jewish values and social justice issues connected to their volunteer work. For specific questions about the organizations with whom TELEM is partnering, click here; to learn more about how you can support your children and this new program, or to find out more about how TELEM works, CONTACT US.

Thank you for your support in this movement of Jewish teens who are committed to making a difference in the community and the world.