What is TELEM?

Mission Statement:

TELEM, a program of JCRC of Greater Boston, works to build the next generation of Jewish leaders, civic activists and advocates for change by forging a compelling connection between community-based social action and Judaism. TELEM integrates volunteer service with classroom learning and reflection, enabling students to build meaningful relationships with their Jewish peer group as well as the broader community.

TELEM means "groove" in Hebrew. It is also an acronym in Hebrew for tenuah l'tzi'rim mitnadvim, Movement for Youth Volunteers! Join with a group of your friends and see what a difference you can make!

Making a Difference:

TELEM is about making a difference. It's an innovative program for Boston area Jewish teens that integrates community service, learning, and reflection—and provides opportunities  to effect real change. In addition to helping others, teens learn about values that have guided Jews for thousands of years—and gain understanding of how you can work for change.

TELEM is about building relationships: people helping people. To teens who want to explore the city beyond your own community and have an impact in greater Boston, here is your chance.

TELEM is about changing lives—yours and others.